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Your LABRUYERE leather good is crafted according to the methods of the traditional leatherworkers, with a great demand on the quality and a particular attention on the smallest details. Each handbag is unique and authenticated with a numbered card, witness of its identity. By acquiring a LABRUYERE item, you invest in a luxury good that needs care. Thus, we recommend the following advices:

  • To preserve the design and its shape, don’t overload it.
  • Avoid exposing the leather to sunlight or humidity over a long period, as well as contacts with perfume and other chemical substances.

  • In case of contact with water, gently pat the product with an absorbent cloth, uncoloured and that does not pill.

  • When you do not use your handbag, store it carefully in its storage pouch, in preference in an upright position. To make sure a perfect hold, fill the bag with tissue paper, wrap the chain and place them inside to not mark the leather.

  • Metal parts may be polished with a soft cloth or a dry chamois. Avoid all chemical products or cleaning products that could alter the finish of metal parts.
  • Handbags with a light colour must avoid all contact with dark clothes over a long period that could transfer their colours.

Specificities according to the materials:

Nubuck :

This delicate leather could transfer its colour on another material. We recommend avoiding contact over a long period with different colours, especially clearer ones. The sanding process giving the velvety appearance to the nubuck sensitizes the leather to the sunlight, we recommend to avoid exposing your handbag lengthily to the light.


This delicate leather will gain naturally a soft patina over time. Also, we recommend avoiding contact with abrasive materials that may scratch the product.

For any specificity or further information about how to take care of your LABRUYERE product, please contact directly the House Customer Service via our website or one of our boutiques.

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