The Workshop:

In France and in the heart of the Veneto region, Italy, the first collection of LABRUYERE was born. It’s in the hands of passionate craftsmen, with multi-generational know-how, that the architectural lines reveal themselves in soft and supple leathers.  Stephane and Raphael, both concerned with quality and detail, visited several factories in France and Italy before finding the ones that would offer the know-how appropriate to the manufacture of a line of luxury leather goods.  

It is in the most renowned leather-making districts that passionate craftsmen have welcomed LABRUYERE and its innovative creations representing a new manufacturing challenge.

The Materials:

LABRUYERE is a House loving noble and natural materials. Thus, the collection is entirely made of leather or nubuck for its outer coating as for its lining.

Each skin is selected with the greatest attention from Italian and French suppliers. High quality leathers and nubucks keep the depth of natural skins with slight irregularities and shades of authenticity.    

The collection of the House draws a real paradox between the shape of its lines and the suppleness of its leathers. Indeed, while the architecture of the design gives the bag a real structure, it is nevertheless supple thanks to the leathers chosen according to high requirements. The LABRUYERE handbags offer a velvety touch and great suppleness in each of the models.    

The color palette declined for the first collection is married to a metal fintion in Nickel Black or Gold Mat.

Development Phases:

To develop their first line of leather goods, Stéphane and Raphaël began by drawing the first sketches translated by patterns revealing the proportions and volumes of each model.  

If LABRUYERE innovates in the design of the handbag, it also innovates in the production process. Indeed, when it is customary to sew a bag on the reverse to return it later, the House develops with its manufacture a new manufacturing process which consists of making the bag around a single mold.  

Once the various elements have been assembled, the mold consisting of five parts is then dismantled to be removed from the inside of the bag. This method is used for two models: LC.2-26 and LC.2-22.

Manufacturing Steps:

A LABRUYERE handbag is a precious item whose manufacture requires several meticulous steps carried out by the hand of expert craftsmen. For each of them, great care is taken.    

First, the most beautiful leather skins and quality materials are selected before cut. Once each element dedicated to making the bag is cut, it is then prepared and polished before being assembled. After the assembly, manually led, the handbag then reveals its shapes and design.    

However, certain elements can not be polished until the end of the manufacturing steps. This stage then becomes decisive, it will require a great agility and meticulousness from the craftsman in order not to alter the whole work carried out upstream and will allow a perfect finishing of the model.    

Finally, the bag is cleaned thoroughly before being checked according to precise and demanding specifications, under the watchful eye of the Quality Manager of the workshop.    

Packed conscientiously, the LABRUYERE bags are ready to live on the arm of the woman.

Customer Service:

To propose to its customers a true luxurious experience, the House proposes a Customer Service in order to answer the queries, to give advice or to take charge of a repair. The Customer Relations Department LABRUYERE provides Ambassadors for its customers from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00. 

Each bag is identified with a number guaranteeing its authenticity and the craftsman who made the manufacturing. This number is affixed to a card given at the time of purchase. If any problem arises, LABRUYERE House will deploy all the necessary means to the full satisfaction of its customers.

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