The Origins :

The Maison LABRUYERE, created in February 2016, is born from the desire to unite the two sectors close to Stephane and Raphael Labruyere, which are fashion and architecture.

After several seasons unable to find find among our dear creators from the world capital of fashion some bags with a true innovation on design, it was natural for Stephane to turn his attention to the creation of women's handbags collection. The family adventure continued under the creation of the brand LABRUYERE, revealing its first collection of bags with a modern design and simple architectural lines.

Through this collection of feminine accessories, the father and the his son affirmed  their desire to fight against the fast fashion by creating timeless models that last through the seasons.

If LABRUYERE first releases a line of leather goods firstly, the intention is to offer a true unique universe to its initiated customers in the search of innovative luxury products.

LABRUYERE presents a vision of modern luxury, no-ostentatious, through products from French and Italian craftsmanship. Products reveal a high quality in noble materials selected with the greatest care.

Stephane and Raphael rethink the essential accessory of the woman by emphasizing new architectures with volumes differing according to the customer needs.

Since the sketches, the patterns have been revealed assuring the esthetics of the model and its perfect proportions. Subsequently, the realization of the prototypes, created by the hand of expert Italian craftsmen, the handbags collection was delivered in a supple, downy, and authentic leather where manufacturing ensures a perfect  hold of the structured lines.

The Values :

  • High quality:

LABRUYERE products are manufactured exclusively in France and Italy by the hands of expert craftsmen. The leathers selected with great care, reveal a nice suppleness and a velvety touch, while keeping the slight irregularities witnessing their authenticity.

  • Timelessness

The handbags collection is timeless. LABRUYERE wants before all to assert a style and not a fashion trend. This timelessness is part of a desire to fight against fast fashion.

  • Modernity and freedom

The collection plays with materials, volumes and colors while embodying Parisian elegance through a non-ostentatious luxury.

  • Innovation and architecture

Today LABRUYERE presents their first collection of women’s handbags. They are very innovative in their forms and structure, and the new French brand thinks about developing these values by expanding the range in the coming years. Designers from architecture and design intend to offer architectural products where the material will be at the heart of the creation.

  • The family House

The House, born of the association of a father and his son working together, combines two complementary fields that are fashion and architecture. This founding value is today a pillar for the future.

  • Simplicity

Elegance is discreet. The Maison LABRUYERE understands this and offers to customers pieces that combine modernity and sobriety that can adapt to every circumstances. However, this does not prevent the designers from expressing their creativity through the architecture and volumes of their models.

Stephane & Raphael LABRUYERE

Raphael Labruyere

After he finished his studies at a Parisian design school, Raphael did not hesitate to grab the opportunity to join forces with his father in the Atelier Labruyere. He sees there another way of building, working the material.

Raphael has been immersed in the universe of design and fashion since his childhood. It is then in the year of 2012 that Raphael opens his own store with his father in their hometown Saint Germain-en-Laye.

The high-end concept store “PHAAREL”, an anagram for “Raphael”, revealed the true taste of its creator for esthetics and design, through the choice of the carefully selected ready-to-wear collections, sneakers, accessories and other life style objects.

Stephane Labruyere

As a 1988 graduate of the Ecole Superieure des Arts Modernes in Paris, Stephane worked as an independent worker. It was through his work on luxurious private projects he gained all of his experience.

In 2007, Stephane Labruyere initiated a new adventure by creating his own company with the name: Atelier Labruyere. Within the last ten years, the atelier has been able to realize more than 200 projects located in Paris, the capital’s suburbs and places, such as Deauville, Le Touquet, Megève, and Saint-Tropez.

A very demanding clientele looking for modern homes, living spaces with character and sumptuous have trusted Stephane with their luxury residences, private hotels and large mansions.

Fascinated by the fashion sector, Stephane teamed up with his son in 2012 to create the “PHAAREL” concept store, and through this exact concept a family business arose. 

Architecture and Fashion

Atelier Labruyere

Through his atelier, Stephane re-thinks the spaces of large mansions while also respecting the history of the location. Furthermore, the customer demands are of course also of high priority. With a sensibility, for each project Stephane restructures the spaces, functionalizes and modernizes them, while playing with the perspectives and materials.  

Over the years, the workshop has realized many luxurious projects that meet the expectations and demands of an affluent clientele. To make the realizations come true, Stephane is surrounded by a trustworthy team of architects and interior designers he collaborates with on all his projects.


PHAAREL is a high-end concept store created by the desire of a father and a son to express their own vision of fashion, their own universe.

The idea itself emerged in October 2012. A year later the store welcomed the Saint Germain customers. The selection of sharp and modern items is presented in an industrial framework where the black metal beams reveal themselves under a skylight in the heart of the space.

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